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Merging calls

For some reason when I try to merge calls to record, the person on the other side does not hear me, so this feature is useless

Good app

Hope this works for me

Uses a “coin” system and always needs to be topped up

No way to pay upfront for the service, they make you constantly buy or earn coins. Really really stupid system. Maybe an app for kids, but adults don’t have time for this nonsense

Does not work

I'm receiving a call. After answering I go to your app. I click on the record button it either does nothing or says dialing and does nothing. I'm trying to write you feedback and I get a system error. Not impressed.


Great app

Not cheap.

$0.50/minute to call Iraq from the US compared to $0.23/minute using w/o a voice recording. Ran through $5 quickly.

Outbound call recording works. Inbound not.

When receiving a call, I answer, push my iPhone button, start this app, and push the on screen record button. Then... nothing happens. The video shows it working, but it's not for me. There must be a something missing in the tutorial.


Im not happy with at all i paid for nothing and i they didnot gave credit after I bought

It's not free

It's not free

Awesome app

This app does exactly what it says it does no calling other number it recorded right away wouldn't ask for anything better

NOT free!

Why do I have to buy coins to record??

Not free

This app does cost by the minute

Great application

I bought enough coins to record my 2 hour phone call. Called my subject from in the app and began the recording. Everything came out perfectly!

Not a free app

Claims it's free it isn't.


Didn't work like it says. Don't bother to download


Horrible app

Did not record my call

I installed it, set it running, and started a two hour important call. I switched to the app, which showed a status of 'recording'. When the call ended, the app beeped. There is no recording. It does not exist. So I relied on the app, and the app laughed in my face. This app is all about getting you to buy 'coins' to pay for recording minutes. Maybe they're holding my recording for ransom...

Liars! This is not free

Not only is it not free Apple Apps seem to think they have different legal requirements as opposed to Android Apps. If Android App call recorders are so simple and efficient, not to mention free, why are all the Apple call recorders based on some ridiculous "coins" system? And infinitely a more complicated...with less features? They give you 5 coins a call and then you have to pay. So their idea of free is only if you make super short calls. Yet they don't spell it out clearly. This App is dishonest.

Seems good

Not sure how well this works just yet need to do some more testing

Cannot access recorded call

I cannot access recorded call with purchased coins. I have tried to contact company and the form fails


It's just cheating with us

Zero Star

Dont download this app its totally a wast of time, is it a coin miner or avrecorder Really disappointed by it.


Downloaded it and checked all the settings got on the Wi-Fi still didn't automatically record my phone call coming in or going out completely useless

Highly not recommended

This app is a complete mess, font waste your time...i downloaded it and removed it in less than 2 minutes


Horrible app! Does not work at all!!

Doesn't record automatic

It doesn't record automatically as described.


Didn't even work

Wasting time

This is not something you just download and start using it they want you to have coins and points and all kind of stupid game don't waste your time I did it and I delete the application already

It is good app but

It's good app but not iran on the country's 😢plz 🙏🏻take this app for iran

So fantastic

I have been looking for a quality call recorder app to download but since I downloaded this very one,it's been awesome.

Best app ever

This app is excellent, it can record both voices. I like this app everyone should have it !!!

Good app

Really useful.On very important calls it's good to know I can always go back and replay the message to pick out any important details that I may have missed during the conversation.Best call recorder app I’ve ever had. I Love it

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