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Doesn't Work

I updated the app and lost over 400 coins and now it want me to buy more?


They charged me 3 times in one day? Finding out that more people are going through the same situation. I wished I would’ve read more reviews before I trusted this App. When this becomes a problem with any app that’s a red flag regardless of the story response followed by developer etc. Contacting the proper authorities so future customs that rely on a phone recorder can receive an actual product that upholds its integrity. If indeed been scammed by this app, customers have yet been refunded. Do your homework!!


Beware triple charges to your Apple ID


Can you make it free???

Horrible app

This app is in operable. Do not use.


I keep getting automatically charged weekly for this & I no longer have the app, never have even used it. How do I stop this? I never even set up for automatic payments. I’d give this zero stars but you have to give at least one. Undeserved. Ku wang, you’re a wang.


This is not a free app. Do not download and test!!!!

Don’t buy!

It’s a scheme, I downloaded just to test, never agreed to a subscription and it keeps charging my credit card every week!!!


Can I use it in lebanon ?

Cancelling the 3 day trial and subscription seems impossible

I’m in the process of cancelling my subscription. It seems an impossible task. None of the settings work. Not having that control because of intentional on not intentional neglect from the developer side is not acceptable!

very bad

very bad


I accidentally downloaded this app and cannot unsubscribe do not want to be charged for it after 3 day trial deleted immediately please help! Cannot charge my card!

Do not buy

I never used the app and canceled the free subscription immediately after downloading but was still charged for it. It was complicated to use and I’ve had a difficult time contacting any one for a refund.

Don’t buy the numbers are out of service

Coincidentally the exact day I was charged my renewal fee through iTunes it stopped working. The same phone number I used without any problems for the past month now no longer works and it doesn’t allow me to try to find another service /conference call phone number. WHAT A SCAM- get my renewal $$ and stop working!!! And you can’t contact anyone for tech assistance in the App.// RE: I was charged for July in iTunes. The app is showing me that I have to renew and won’t let me use without paying. So I have paid but can’t use the App. Update: the App worked for two days but now requests payment again despite being paid. I really just want to use what I paid for and not have to complain. Is there something else I can do to make this work? One day it works the next day it ask for payment.



Complete crap

Please remove me from auto pay App stinks

Scam Alert

This is a non working app!! Do not purchase!!

Phone number didn't work

Los Angeles phone number or of service. Didn't figure this out till I need to record. Unclear instructions on how to start recording. Nothing that says you have to go to contacts to make the call, out info on what name the number would have. Also froze my keyboard when doing a search through contacts for the number. Ended up having to scroll to it instead. Unhappy.


Don’t even bother with this app! I purchased a 3 day free trial and they billed me for a YEAR!!! Seriously, untop of that; it’s a stupid APP!!!! Didn’t record anything!!!


i selected the one month payment with 3-days free trail. I was charged for a full year ($47.99) instead... this fraudulent payment is unacceptable... Developer needs to be penalized for this scam... this payment came with no free trail and no option to cancel the subscription

NOT FREE like advertised thanks for wasting my time

I need to record for medical and legal reasons and this was very misleading use of my time!

Changed my number no longer to use app

I recently purchased this app for 1 year subscription, I changed my number yesterday and now I am no longer All to use the app after it has already been purchased. They want me to buy another subscription, which is totally unfair. I tried to email the support email provided and it has came back invalid.

Phone records

Cancel payment I want my money back on my account

Paid subscription only

Can't even use the app without signing up for a subscription trial

This doesn’t work!

Hey dude your app doesn’t work and I don’t want to pay. Also the contact portal thing didn’t work and now I have to leave a bad review. I’ll take it down if you don’t run my card haha


I downloaded the app and clicked to activate the 3 free days. Nothing. Still inactive. More than disappointed. It is supposed to be for protection but can not use. 😡

Not working

I purchased $4 coins, I follow the instructions step by step, I called trough the App my wife 3 times but no voice at all. NO, I can’t trust this App at all. I need my money back!

Calls Dropped After 10 Seconds

DID NOT WORK: Three different times, calls were dialed thru the app in order to record it as per the instructions. I received the same results on each call - the call disconnected after 10-15 seconds.

Outgoing Call Doesn't Work

Outgoing Call Doesn't Work

I don’t what’s happened

After I purchased for coins I can’t hide my phone number anymore and this option was disappear from the app , so could you help me with this case . Thx


It is a pain to figure it out. Signing in creating registration, oy!

Works great

And I like that I can just buy the amount of minutes

Send code

I have tried at least 10 times to sign up for this app and it will not send me the code to compete the process, I don't have time for this! Don't waste your time


This app save me some from trouble someone try to lie on me


I love the app it works very well and I think it a good for proof at court.



Merging calls

For some reason when I try to merge calls to record, the person on the other side does not hear me, so this feature is useless

Good app

Hope this works for me

Uses a “coin” system and always needs to be topped up

No way to pay upfront for the service, they make you constantly buy or earn coins. Really really stupid system. Maybe an app for kids, but adults don’t have time for this nonsense

Does not work

I'm receiving a call. After answering I go to your app. I click on the record button it either does nothing or says dialing and does nothing. I'm trying to write you feedback and I get a system error. Not impressed.


Great app

Outbound call recording works. Inbound not.

When receiving a call, I answer, push my iPhone button, start this app, and push the on screen record button. Then... nothing happens. The video shows it working, but it's not for me. There must be a something missing in the tutorial.


Im not happy with at all i paid for nothing and i they didnot gave credit after I bought

It's not free

It's not free

Awesome app

This app does exactly what it says it does no calling other number it recorded right away wouldn't ask for anything better

NOT free!

Why do I have to buy coins to record??

Not free

This app does cost by the minute

Great application

I bought enough coins to record my 2 hour phone call. Called my subject from in the app and began the recording. Everything came out perfectly!

Not a free app

Claims it's free it isn't.


Didn't work like it says. Don't bother to download

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